Dr. Adi Livnat

Dept. of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology

and Institute of Evolution

University of Haifa


email: alivnat@univ.haifa.ac.il






Princeton University, Ph.D. 2006

Princeton University, M.A. 2003

Stanford University, B.S. with Honors  2001




Visiting Scholar, Program in Evolutionary Biology and the Theory of Computing, Simons Institute, UC Berkeley. 2014

Miller Research Fellow, Miller Institute for Basic Research in Science, Berkeley, CA. 2007-2009

Burroughs-Wellcome Fellowship, Princeton University. 2002-2004

Stanford University Firestone Award for Excellence in Research, 2001.




Evolutionary theory; population genetics; the evolution of sex and recombination; mutational mechanisms; modularity; conflict and cooperation; research at the interface of theoretical computer science and evolutionary biology.




Livnat, A. Simplification, innateness, and the absorption of meaning from context: How novelty arises from gradual network evolution. Evolutionary Biology, In Press (Online) , 2017.

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Livnat, A., Pacala, S. W. and Levin, S. A. The evolution of intergenerational discounting in offspring quality. The American Naturalist165:311-321, 2005.




NOTE: Students with background in biology, mathematics, computer science, bioinformatics, or others who are interested in working at the forefront of research on evolution with relevance to other fields of science and medicine can submit a CV and cover letter to alivnat@univ.haifa.ac.il.

Masters, Ph.D., Postdoc and other positions available.